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116                      mscBimoHS ^ROM SHI JAM^LPUB KOTTKD.

la Sanskrit the primary meaning of deya-dharma is l ifae duty of giving ;*

but in Pali it ordinarily stands for *the gift* itself. The literal significaiioa
of the monks* name, Yasa-ditta is * Resplendent with glory' ; dtita being
the Pali, Prakrit, or Hindi form of the Sanskrit dipta,l»j a rale of Yararachiss3
under which the example given is sutta (the modem sotd) for &upta. Vvptij
* the propagation,3 is from the root vap, to sow ; from which also comes the
Hindi word bdp, a father/ Eke the Latin sator from sero*

A second inscription of some length commences with the words MaM-
rdjasya Devaputrasya HuruJtkasya Samvatsare 51 Hemanta m&sa 1 dw. ..*.
hut I haye not been able to read further, as the only transcript that I haye
received is a very imperfect one, A great number of fragmentary sculptures
of different Muds were also discovered, as I understand, and some of them
have heea photographed for G-enerai Canninghanij who spent several days at
Mathnra for the purpose of exmamining them. An account may possibly
appear in some future volume of his Archaeological Survey ; bat already four
years have elapsed and not a sign has been made.

After General Cunningham's visit a third inscribed slab was found of which
a transcript was made and sent It begins with the word siddliam ; then appa-
rently followed the date, bat unfortunately there is here a flaw in the stone.
After the flaw is the word etasya* The second line begins with Hhagava$.
In the third line is the name Matkurd ; at the end of the sixth lime mdtapi-
troh ; in the middle of the seventh line Ikavatu sarvva.

Incidental allusion has already been made to the E!ankali? or} as it is occa-
sionally called j the Jaini Tila.f This is an extensive mound on the side of the
Agra and Delhi road? between the Bharat-pnr and Dig gates of the city. A frag-

* The word following etasya begins with the letters pa— the remainder being defaced—
and WM protmblj pwmye. This piorase «toys pmrmye is of frequent occurrence in these in-
scriptions and is tnndated by General Gunning ham * on this Yeiy dafce*. I do not think it
can fcear *nch a meaning. It might be literally rendered * after this ;J but it is really an
explefciye like the Hindi 4gct car occaiioaally the Sanskrit lad^n&miaram, with which an Indian
cwrenpoadmt generally begin* a letter— after the stereotyped complimentary exordium— «nd
whidi, in the sb^snce of Mi stops and capital letters, serref $0 indicate & transition to a new

f By the roadside, between the E&oHil Tit4 and the SITE T&l, there If & handsome chh&tn
twist in 1873» in memory of CfaaoM &end&, Poroiut to the Baja of JMlfa-p&ttan. It was
iatemctei to add a rest-hoiae ; 1mtt in coaseqoence of & complaint made fey the Diitrict Engineer,
ti*e design wai ibawloned wad the clih&tri itself has nerer been thoroughly completed. The
boildimf is m omumemtai tiiat I hoped an emcr oachment of a few inches on to the side of the
imd might lure been pardoned* but my suggestion to that effect wai sommanly scouted.